Why School Memories Stays With You Forever?

Who would not have a wish to go back in a time machine and live through the school life again?

What you are now is what you were in your school life. However speaking on the school life triggers both the pleasant memories that play through your mind and the darkest secrets and moments that you are trying to forget very badly. 6 of 10 people will have both the good and bad memories. Teens love bullying and teasing the innocent and for them school days would have been a hell, no doubt. And for few it would be a heaven for the friendships and sometimes for the popularity and fame they received, it is a kind of an addiction. Adversely all the memories are those which cannot be forgotten at any point of time in one’s life.

Why School Memories Stays With You Forever

Scientific Reason:

On the scientific side, we are not able to forget our teen age which covers most of our school life could be blamed on our hormones. Hormones play a lot in a teenager’s life as we already know. It is because of the fact that the hormones stimulates neurons. You learn during the age of 12-20 what the real world is and the way you perceive things. I would say the way you look at the things now is what you have learnt during school life and it depends on your surroundings and peer relationships. The Hormones stimulate the neuron growth and these neural circuits build in adolescence for a good reason.

Serotonin plays a vital role in this process. It is said to be the neurotransmitter and present in all the bilateral animals. Several researches had led to the conclusion that mammals which have higher serotonin will be aggressive and dominant. We at that age decide which action to perform, whether to submit or to start dominating someone according to the surrounding we are in. The point is that your teens were responsible for the world around you now so there are no ways one can forget his high school period in life

Other than scientific facts school leaves behind so much of memories. It teaches us to be confident, to socialize, what the team work is, we learn to inspire or get inspired. Simply, School teaches us everything or at least major parts of our life. The goal we achieve is set during our school days. A goal less life is has never been a fulfilled one. Character is set and mould during the school days which comes with us throughout the life. This is why school memories have us under its control always.

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