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Know Your Personality Types

Ever wonder why you get that inexplicable attraction towards someone or wonder why some people, totally repel us? That’s actually because of the preferences of everyone. One might prefer parties, whereas one prefers late night walks. One prefers action, another prefers emotion. But most of us are just really ignorant of our ...Read More

The authenticity of Myers-Brigg’s Type Indicator

The authenticity of this amazing test: I can bet that, the first link you get when you type “personality test”, will be that of the Myers-Brigg’s Type Indicator (MBTI) test. There are numerous personality and psychological assessment tests that are really good. But how did this particular test evolve into one of ...Read More

Celebrity Personality Types Using Meyer Briggs Type Indicator

The Impact of Knowledge on oneself: Ever since I came across this nifty little conceptual tool called the MBTI, I’ve had a bad case of ‘typomania’, also known as ‘Myers-Briggsitis’.It’ symptoms include obsessively and minutely observing the conversations, mannerisms and habits of the people around me, trying to ‘think'(Yes, being an INTP, ...Read More

Personality Types – A Deeper Knowledge

Now that we’ve a basic idea on the classification of personality types, let us take the next big step. WHY.. THE  VARIATION? Nature loves change. It relishes variation. As we evolved there was an exponential increase in the way how our intro-species traits i.e. the variation of traits among the individuals of ...Read More

All You Need To Know Before Taking Personality Test

A historical overview of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and all you need to know before taking the personality test: “Knowing thyself is knowing the universe” When one gets deeper and deeper into himself, he gets such an amount of unparallelable clarity about himself and consequently about everything. One starts to embrace ...Read More