6 Positive Effects of Music in Your Life and Brain


“One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no Pain”-Bob Marley.

I chose Bob Marley’s quote here because it suited well to define the importance of music in one’s life. In this article, you will get a general idea on how music affects your mind and your life.

Bob Marley

Music is a form of art that pleases everybody regardless of the fact that a person is a lover of art. It has great power of bringing a person to come under its influence easily. Yeah, ‘music’ appears to be the villain here .But it serves both the purpose, either showing them a right path or destroying completely. Music lives everywhere. There are no archeological documents of origin for this particular 5 letter magical word. It becomes more special as it is always boundless and available to everyone not considering cultural and religious discrimination’s, divisions, diversities, etc. Anyone who feels like hearing it without even knowing the language can own it.

Music can shift or enlighten one’s mood effortlessly. Coming down to how music has impact on our brain psychologically,

Music And Its Impact On Brain Psychologically:

We are here to relate totally two different aspects, music an aspect of emotion, entertainment while science, reasoning behind everything. But after a few serious research on musical psychology it is found that it is related to a great extent

Initially,we could start from a research that says music is present in our genes and in every culture and heritage. Even during the nomadic period where men didn’t have houses to live, music helped him in one way or the other. We all have fallen asleep listening to the lullabies of our mothers, from this it is known undoubtedly that infants have the listening ability.

Neurons of our brain learn to prioritize some sounds. When one tone seems to be important,the cells happen to concentrate more on that sound. Musical elements have different effects on different parts of the brain, for instance, cells in the right hemisphere respond to the particular music element, Melody.

Your ear gets the input (music) and spinal motor neurons, a nerve which is present in the spinal cord, vestibular system, that includes inner ear and brain and visceral systems or automatic nervous system gets stimulated by design. These are partly responsible for arousing some of the feelings.

Concluding that, music exercises the brain. Music has long-term effect on one’s brain with time and practice. It reaps language, reasoning and creativity skills in a person. So it can be an important part of everyday’s life. Facilitating music programs in schools will implant social and intellectual skills in children. As they are too expensive, they are not practiced in many schools. Creating awareness is what is needed to restore the facilities and make children benefited by the power of music without wasting it.

The power of music: 6 positive effects:-

#1.Relaxation, An Important Responsibility Of Music:

A research says that the first thing comes to 65 % of peoples’ mind when they are in need of relaxation is listening to music. Music has a unique link to our emotions so a smoothening music can help you in relaxing. Out of all, Classical music aids in relaxation than other varieties of music.

Listening to Music

Preferences may vary from an individual to individual so it is an individual’s liberty to listen to the music that him down. Put your feet up, headphones on and get lost into the world of music and increase your productivity.

#2.Music Training Can Improve Our Motor And Reasoning Skills:

Learning and practicing a musical instrument has a greater effect on children that you can’t even imagine. Psychological Studies has revealed that children who has learned musical instrument for more than three years performs well than those who didn’t practice musical instruments.

Music Training Can Improve Our Motor And Reasoning Skills

Their reasoning and nonverbal skills are higher when compared to the normal one.

#3.Music While You Workout:

Aggressive workouts will help in reducing pain or even forgetting it sometimes. Music helps people to work out harder. If you have been to gym you will understand this point well because a sound and the best music system in a gym will enhance the performances of workouts in more. It will create the urge to work out more. Concentrate on your favorite number being played in your ambiance so that you can run an extra mile without even you being aware of it.

Music While You Workout

#4.Elevates Mood While Driving:

In this day and age, it’s impossible to find a single automobile without a music system. Some researches have said that it distracts us while driving. However people who drive enjoy music while driving. It elevates the monotonous mood of driving. And especially keeps them awake during the night drive. So when your are feeling grouchy in while diving try snooping to your favorite playlists

Elevates Mood While Driving

#5.Medical Aids Of Music:

Medical Aids Of Music

Ease stress before and after surgery:

Surgery obviously triggers anxiety in a person who has to undergo it. Another study revealed that it helps cardiovascular patients to remain calm before surgery and helps in relaxation after the surgery.

Helps cancer and stroke patients:

Finland researchers are sure that listening to music for three hours per day will help in the easy recovery of stroke patients. And in cancer patients it helps in managing stress.

#6.Facilitates In Finding The Personalities:

“Music is the art of thinking with sound”-Jules Combarieu

Facilitates In Finding The Personalities
Going through your playlist will help out in deciding a personality of a person. This may not be true always but most of the times it substantiates. Suspicions on the relationship of music and personality have now cleared by several studies. One of the best notable studies was conducted by Dr. Adrian North. In 2010.Survey was conducted in 60 countries about their preference for 104 music styles. It was even found that one’s lifestyle can be inferred by their musical taste. To Know more about Finding One’s Personality Through Music.

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