5 Highest Paying Psychology Careers

Psychology has many branches in it and all the branches are interesting which has a very wide range of opportunities to earn. So this article might help you in planning your career or just to get an idea about the annual income and the opportunities available. The top five highest paying psychology branches and jobs are concentrated in this article. Hope it would help you.

Highest Paying Psychology Careers


Psychiatrists are so much well trained that they can diagnose and can help in the prevention of mental health and emotional problems. They undergo 8 years of training and so they can easily identify the functions of the body and complex relationship between medical and complex illness. So those who are ready to study and learn for about 8 years then they can boldly take up the opportunity. But 8 years of study and knowledge will help you in getting the high income. Psychiatrist is the top carrier to choose out of all other branches because it allows you to earn up to $1, 65,500 annually. Which indeed is a great earn and its worth for 8 years of training.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology:

All the industries, big firms need psychological help. This gives the opportunity for a new branch of Industrial and organizational psychology. While speaking about the history, it came during the world war one. It was the technique used to assign jobs to the soldiers. You need a master degree to become an industrial and organizational psychologist. The opportunities are wider if you are holding a PhD. It is possible to earn up to $98,800 per annum.


Neuropsychology is a scientific branch of psychology which helps in understanding the relation between psychological, behavior process and the functions of the brain. It uses the methods of experimental psychology to know what happens in the brain and the relation between the brain and psychological factors. It is a new discipline within the psychology. While earlier rain was considered useless until the frills of medicine grew and anatomy and the body functions were learned. You need to hold a doctorate degree in neuropsychology or clinical neuropsychology. You have the possibilities of earning up to $90,500.

Engineering Psychology:

This particular field of psychology focuses on the relationship between human psychology and the products that are being used daily. The main work is to research and identify the needs of the customers. The history of engineering psychology started during the world war two. And the scope of engineering psychology has been increased hugely as they help in manufacturing user-friendly and reliable products. The Annual salary of engineering psychologist is around $81,550 approximately.

Clinical Psychology:

Clinical psychologists do a great favor to the human race. All people feel lost at some point of time. So this broad branch of science focuses on the┬ádiagnosis and the treatment of mental and emotional disorders. This branch of psychology was recognized during the second half of 19th century. To become a clinical psychologist you need to hold a bachelor’s degree in either psychology or clinical psychology which is of four years and additional schooling is also necessary that is masters in clinical psychology. You can earn annually up to $75,100 per annum.

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