10 Facts About Sleep You Need To Be Aware Of

The word sleep is fascinated by every human being. It is considered as a mandatory part of everyday’s life. Every folk knows that a sleep is something one has to get every day for the proper functioning of life. Though there are several studies of sleep, Scientists still has not discovered the need for sleep in all the organisms. Sleep always seems to be a mysterious topic. So in this article, we have clubbed all the interesting facts about sleep you will enjoy reading.

FACT # 1: Record Of Longest Hours without sleep:

You can survive 2 months without food but without sleep you can just survive 11 days. Yeah this fact is astonishing. This record holder’s name is Randy Gardner, and high school student of just 16 years old. He belongs to San Diego, California. He intentionally stayed awake for 11 hours and 24 minutes. This was in the year 1964.His record has been broken number of times. But still he manages to stay as the official Record holder because it is documented extensively.

Randy Gardner

FACT #2: Dieters Please Note:

When you lack or skip sleep, your hunger hormone of your body called ghrelin increases and automatically causes weight gain. we eventually snack more and do less physical activity. We eat more at night and it will help us to avoid sleep but not from avoiding weight gain. A study says that most people who stays awake at night tend to reach for Comfort food while we have very low energy. This habit adds up not only energy but also fat to your body.

FACT #3: Dysania Alerts!

Dysania also known as clinomania is finding getting up from the bed every morning as the most difficult task. Despite of the responsibilities they have they still prefer to cuddle up in the bed not ready to face the outside challenges. We all may have that ‘I hate Mondays’ and press snooze button extra number of times for we are not ready to get up from the bed, don’t interpret those as Dysania. But with the people having Dysania it is a real serious problem. Depression, Anxiety disorders may cause this.

Dysania alerts

FACT #4: Knocker-Up:

We all find it easier when people wake you up, wait until you get up and then move. That way we don’t have the intention to sleep some more time. Alarm clock fails to do that job. It is easier to switch it off and continue sleeping. Now let’s go behind the time where the alarm clock wasn’t invented. People were too clever at that period of time and these “Knocker-ups” ha an interesting profession of waking up their clients. They tap on a client’s window until they are awake.


FACT #5: Ideal Time Taken To Fall Asleep:

Ideal time to fall asleep should take at least 10 to 15 minutes. If it takes less than five minutes to fall asleep during nights then it means that you haven’t slept for a long while and you are sleep deprived. Don’t try to sleep too much too. If it takes more than a hour to fall asleep, it is crystal clear that you are trying hard to fall asleep.

FACT #6: A Man Who Cannot Sleep:

Paul Kern, Belongs to the country Hungary is a soldier who was a shot by a soldier from the Russian troop during Second World War. This bullet which was shot in head removed a part of his frontal lobe. This made him unable to fall asleep. He died in 1955 but studies tell that he lived up to 40 years after this injury.

FACT #7: Tibetan Monks Sleep Upright:

Tibetan monks dedicate their life to spirituality so they are trained to sleep upright. It may sound impossible, but from few studies it is actually fantastic to sleep upright. t is also a method of training their body to the better meditation posture. This culture may seem strange to some who haven’t heard about them, but unfortunately they never listen care to listen other peoples’ opinions on their culture.

Tibetan monks sleep upright

FACT #8: Somniloquy:

You may have experienced someone talking in their sleep. Psychologically this is termed as Somniloquy. It is said that Somniloquy may occur at any point in the cycle of sleep. At the stages 1 and 2 people may talk clearly but at the final stages or during deep sleeps it turns out to be moans and gibberish .People who are the victims of Somniloquy will not be aware that they are talking in their sleep and their talks most probably will be emotionless. However this is not a serious problem unless other disorders such as somnambulism are involved.


FACT #9: Humans Spend 25 Years Of Their Life, Sleeping:

It is said that we spend around 25 years of total life span sleeping. When we sleep or hit the pillow your body gets refreshened which is necessary for your health. Studies also revealed that sleeping less than 7 hours each night reduces life expectancy.

FACT #10: One Complete Sleep Cycle Is About 90 Minutes:

It is said that one complete sleep cycle is about 90 minutes. First 20 mins for a normal or non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Second phase of 20 mins of REM sleep. And last 5 mins finally for a normal sleep.

One complete sleep cycle is about 90 minutes

So the bottom line, human brain can be active during its sleep as it functions when humans are awake. Sleep is something mandatory in this era of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi has the power to spoil 24 hours of sleep. Which lowers the life expectancy as said earlier. These are the factors that make us to think whether the technology is a boon or bane.


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